This Weekend We’re Releasing a Ton of New Features

As we approach our 300th RUN and our Second Anniversary, all of us here at 1xRUN would like to thank everyone for their continued support over the past 2 years dozens of amazing RUNs!

Our site itself started out simply. A clean, efficient, easy and fun way to buy artwork. However, over the past 6-9 months we’ve had tons of ideas brewing as we continue to make updates to the checkout process, reservation system and other minor tweaks you may not see when visiting daily.

So, here we are on the eve of one of our biggest upgrades as we move into the future of 1xRUN with our long anticipated Membership / User Account System and the implementation of Social Sharing.  One of the biggest customer service inquiries we receive is to update and change collectors shipping address. With your new 1xRUN membership you will be able to change and update your shipping address, keep track of your orders and much more.  We also feel our new Social Sharing with account credits for referrals will change the way many of you use the site and make it ever so sweet to tell a friend about the art you love and get credits towards future purchases.

Coming soon, when you share your unique link from your Account Center or a RUN page then someone, maybe a friend , a visitor on your blog or forum makes their first purchase you will get a $10 account credit.  As we roll out this feature you will be able to receive unlimited credits for those that make their first purchase when they sign up for an account and make a purchase on day 1 or down the road several months.

With all that said we hope you will enjoy the new version of the site.  This Saturday we’ll put the site into maintenance mode for a few hours and deploy the new code. Any questions, concerns or things that aren’t acting right let us know and we will get on it as quickly as we can.  Once the new site is up we’ll send out an email with information on setting up your 1xRUN Membership account with your email address or facebook account. Simply sign up, choose a user name and see how many credits you can rack up for free art!

In November of 2010, 1xRUN started as a once a week extension of our psychical gallery 323East. Our goal was simple, every week we would offer artwork from our favorite artists at a great price for 7 days.

Our First Three RUNs From 1xRUN Regulars Matt Eaton, Glenn Barr and Audrey Pongracz

Now 300 RUNs later, we have added original artwork, hand-painted multiples, silkscreen prints and tons more that we would have never dreamt up when we had just one RUN each week. As a team we have grown in the past two years, we’ve quit our day jobs and 1xRUN has become the main priority for our small but strong team. Our roster of artists has grown exponentially and while we still work with many of the artists from our first 10 RUNs, we are constantly bringing in new and exciting artists for their first RUNs.

Early RUNs From Ron Zakrin, BASK and Camilo Pardo

When we first started, our goal was to emulate the excitement and energy of a traditional gallery opening, but with the accessibility of an online release.  We hope that everyone that has visited 1xRUN during a release feels that same energy, we certainly do.  We’ve long said that you don’t need to travel to New York City, Los Angeles or San Francisco to collect great artwork. Today’s finest artists are constantly evolving and mind-blowing art is all around us. Here at 1xRUN you can open your email daily, check out today’s release and help support the world’s best artist right from home. Thank you for coming along for the ride and here is to 300 more RUNs to come…

Team 1xRUN
Jesse, Dan, Ryan, Pietro, Ania, Rob, Craig & Noah