Art basel Miami DROP & Interview – Malt

We Own The Night by Malt

Malt is a self taught artist, living and working in the Detroit area. He has always had an interest in art, but not until finding graffiti in 1993 did he realize art would consume his life. Over the years painting on as many canvases as he would walls, it was only natural to fuse the two mediums of spray paint and acrylic together. Malt has taken the time to join 1xRUN and 323East this week in Miami for Art basel Miami to work on a mural for the PULSE Art Fair. In addition, we drop Malt’s We Own The Night on 11/30 at 12pm (est). Check out the Facebook preview and pick your favorite of the 50 hand-painted silkscreens.

Malt’s public art installation in the garden of the 2011 Pulse Art Fair in Miami



– 1xRUN