Art Basel Miami Spotlight – Matt Eaton

A Fool’s Ideology by Matt Eaton

It is fitting that roughly 1 year, 1 month and 1 day since the first print drop on 1xRUN it all comes back to our first run, Matt Eaton.  Nov. 1st, 2010 1xRUN was born as we released our first print, Loaf by Matt Eaton. You can pick up Matt’s current print A Fool’s Ideology NOW at Read on for more on Matt Eaton including his recent works, the first print for 1xRUN and the Contra Project!

When we decided to launch 1xRUN in the fall of 2010, we had an exhibition with Matt Eaton coming up at 323East and thought it would be fitting to do our first print release with him and have it coincide with his exhibition at the gallery.  Putting that show together was a great way to introduce 1xRUN to everyone that has supported 323East over the years. Then for him return a year later with another RUN was really important to both of us. This collection of hand painted multiples illustrates a new direction for us, offering limited edition art and not just digital reproductions- Jesse Cory, Co-Founder of

Print #00001 - Loaf by Matt Eaton - The Birth of 1xRUN

Matt’s art is very interesting to me, it’s abstract and has a tremendous amount of meaning. Each piece has many layers, there could be 4-5 paintings underneath the final layer, because that’s his methodology. Each layer tells a different story.

So, that’s one of the interesting things to talk to a collector of Matt’s art or someone who is  a perspective collector. You tell them these stories that each one of these pieces have. A Fool’s Ideology also has a story very similar to that. Every piece is unique and individual, no one is alike. He used the final layer of the piece to create a consistency of the series of 13, but when you have an opportunity to collect one of these you are truly collecting a rare piece of art. – Jesse Cory, Co-Founder of

Contra Projects is a global project dedicated to supporting rebellious, visionary artists straddle the worlds of high art and street art through world class public events and grass roots projects. Allowing the viewer to experience the passion and sentiment of an artists street work in a comfortable context is important to us. Our hope, in highlighting the transition from street to gallery environment is for you to truly see and feel how important these works are, not just to the artist, but to the viewer and the world itself.   – Matt Eaton

This coming August Matt will take part in a gallery showing at 323East. Check out more of Matt’s work below and head over to 1xRUN to see “A Fool’s Ideology” which is onsale NOW!


Check out Matt Eaton’s official website at