ASKEW Print Release Drop in 2 Colorways on 1/24

This print drops Monday 1/24 at Noon EST – Click here to order one.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been discussing an exclusive silkscreen print release with Askew and we’ve finally have all the details worked out. Together with our friends at Progress of Design in Ferndale we produced this precise 4 color silkscreen print.  The series is entitled Diamondism study 1, it’ll be available in Anthracite (grey) and a very limited Gold version.

“Diamondism is the term I coined when referring to my recent stream of work. It was an offshoot of the ‘Netch’ pieces painted together with Berst. Initially Diamondism came from my observations of crystal formations photographed with a macro lens. In nature colours and form are arranged in ways that defy human logic. All the rules are broken – yet everything is defined perfectly.”

Askew One is recognized internationally for his large scale graffiti murals that span from Europe, to LA, Detroit, Miami and beyond. Widely regarded as one of the New Zealand graffiti scene’s driving forces he has managed to remain at the forefront of the movement whilst working tirelessly behind the scenes in a diverse array of projects.

Check out Askew’s website here