Banksy – “Weapon of Choice”

So maybe you’ve heard of this Banksy guy, I guess he’s kind of a big deal. So was his print release last month over at Pictures on Walls, with these 16 different color ways of “Weapon of Choice.” Not only did they have an impossible online lottery for the  grey, red, blue and green editions, they also had a queue at the actual store for the remaining colors. The queue included many people lined up outside POW days before the actual release. Let’s just say things got out of hand, people were cutting, fights broke out, people were unhappy. Then, POW let the people that felt they were cheated by the whole queue, email them complaints about their situation in order to have a chance to purchase an unreleased color way.

Edition: 25 each color (except grey, 100)

Price: £450

Banksy has donated £80,000of the proceeds to art provocateurs Voina (War), to bail them out of jail, because the group painted a giant phallus onto a drawbridge in St Petersburg, Russia. Which when erected faced the FSB security organ’s headquarters during the international St Petersburg Economic Forum.