Bask – Saturday Night Special

Bask was in Detroit for a week working on a mural at our gallery 323East.  Check out the flicks and click here to preview the show.


Real Detroit Weekly printed a nice article in this week’s paper.. ” Should you drive past 323East between now and 4/23, you might notice a gentleman busily engaged in the creation of a mural. Feel free to wave a friendly hello, but please don’t slow him down. That would be BASK holding the brush and his ongoing wall project is intended as a prelude to Saturday Night Special, his scheduled exhibit of new works at that Royal Oak gallery. The Czech-born agent-provacateur of countless “thought crimes” is a refreshing anomaly these days”… here’s a link to read the entire story.

Stop by this week and check out the mural and meet BASK. He won’t bite!

Saturday Night Special prints are still available on 1xRUN. Click here to check it out.

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