Beau Stanton Teaches The History of Semiotics

Back for his 3rd RUN, we are excited to bring back Beau Stanton, with his mammoth History of Semiotics. Measuring at 20 x 36 Inches it is one of our largest prints to date! Read on below as we catch up with Beau about his latest piece and more!

1xRUN Thru Interview

History of Semiotics by Beau Stanton

1xRun: What have you been up to this summer, bring us to to date on what been good since your solo show at Bold Hype this spring.

Beau Stanton: I’ve been juggling several new projects that have been challenging in terms of scale, working on both large murals and really tiny oil paintings.  Last month I  finished an outdoor mural in Queens as part of the Welling Court Mural project and more recently completed an interior installation collaborating with Ian Kualii at Wooster St. Social Club, home of NY Ink.  I’ve also been preparing a set of small oil paintings for the George Hearts Maria show at Helium Cowboy Gallery in Hamburg, Germany curated by Lori Zimmer.  Later this month I’ll be traveling to Germany to paint a section of the original Berlin Wall then working on some walls in the Czech Republic and Norway.

1xRun: You’ve been kicking ass on murals lately, how does that complement your fine art painting and has it been a good break from developing a large body of work for a solo exhibition?

Beau Stanton: Working on murals presents a totally different set of challenges from painting gallery work.  For one thing, murals must be completed fairly quickly and are viewed from farther away so the techniques used have to be adapted to serve those functions.  It’s good to mix it up and not be as precious as when making a refined oil painting.  Most of my murals are images adapted from completed oil paintings so it gives me a chance to revisit the concept in a different form and can lead to interesting variations on an idea.

1xRun: Traveling is a big part of your schedule, tell us about where you’ve been and the most memorable experience.

Beau Stanton: I was just in London assisting Ron English with some murals in preparation for the Olympics, then headed to LA to lay some groundwork for another project.  Later this month I leave for Berlin, then a show in Hamburg, Prague, and then Nu Art Festival in Norway.  Following that up with a few walls in Detroit and LA in October.

1xRUN: We recently had a chance to visit your studio in Red Hook – Brooklyn, give us the run through about the location and inspiration the space has provided.

Beau Stanton: My studio is in a Civil War era warehouse building on the Brooklyn waterfront. I share the 2nd floor with a series of small woodworking shops which provides that fresh cut wood smell and the motivation you get from an environment where people are building things by hand. You can really feel how much history this place has just by walking on the giant timbers that make up the floors or when I look out my window and see where huge ships used to dock. It’s an amazing place to work.