Bobby Hill Returns With Art & Culture Icons

1xRUN Thru Interview
Art & Culture Icons by Bobby Hill

1xRun: Tell us a bit about this peek into your archives, when were these pieces created?
Bobby Hill: These pieces were created over the last couple years at different times and accumulated into the pieces you see today. These pieces are the last hurrah of the sizes represented here. I even went so far as to erase the screens of many of these images in these sizes so once they are gone, they are gone.


1xRUN: What materials used to create these pieces?
Bobby Hill: These pieces were created with screen printing along with painting by hand. The materials used are screen print ink, acrylic paint and sometimes oil based paint on archival paper. I use photographic images as the basis for the art, but I would sometimes draw directly on the acetate before I burn the screens to bring out parts of the images I feltwere important.


1xRun: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?
Bobby Hill: I started this style back in 2001 a couple months after the World Trade Center went down. My first style was black and white pen and ink drawings on paper. I became bored of that style so I started messing around with throwing color around which was reminiscent of Jackson Pollock. That was the beginning..

1xRun: How long did the piece take?
Bobby Hill: I make a bunch of pieces at one time over the course of weeks to months.


1xRun: What is unique about these prints?
Bobby Hill: Each piece is unique because of the hand painted and screen print process.

1xRun: Why should people buy these prints?
Bobby Hill: There are many different reasons I can think of. One of the main reasons is, as a result of the variety of images, colors, sizes and accessible prices you can easily mix and match your favorites and essentially create your own wall with them.

1xRun: Describe this series of music multiples in one gut reaction word.
Bobby Hill: Dope!


1xRun: What have you been up to over this past summer?
Bobby Hill: Over this past summer, I’ve been playing around with fashion and finding ways to make apparel look like my art via the application of color and imagery.

1xRun: Anything coming up in the next 2-3 months you’d like us to highlight?
Bobby Hill: In the next 2-3 months look for the apparel in various stores around the country etc. Also working on a NYC art event featuring large scale mixed media paintings on wood and canvas that build off the Bhillboards collage concept I started a couple years ago. The event will probably take longer than 2-3 months to happen. It’ll be my first event in NYC since 2010. Other than that I’m still working on creating a style and work of art never before seen.

1xRun: Where else can people find you?
Bobby Hill: Website