Chor Boogie + Trek6 Team Up On Everlasting Bass

1xRun Thru Interview
Everlasting Bass by Chor Boogie & Trek6

1xRun: Tell us a little bit about this piece, where was it located?
Chor Boogie: This piece is located in the great Wynwood district. Basically it’s a collaborative piece between me and my boy TREK6, and to me it’s a homage to REAL HIP HOP from the days. No matter where its at from east to west north to south…EVERLASTING BASS is self explanatory and to me is MIAMI.


Trek6: This piece is located in Wynwood, Miami Florida. It was originally painted by Sunni as a boombox in 2007 I think , but in 2010 it was painted over…the over all response from everywhere the conversation could be had was that the boom box was the perfect icon to be used on that building and most people that saw it were missing it. I had been entertaining the idea of putting a boombox back for some months but needed some help as it was a big task, Chor was in town in March to paint the youth fair and wanted to crash a couple of days at the house. I thought it would be a good collaboration so I asked him if he was down and he was…we added SK545 and Dar two local graff artist on the sides later to keep it more 305.


1xRun: You two have collaborated a few times I believe, tell us about that. how did you two meet and how long have you been working together?
Chor Boogie:  I met Lizzie & Trek 6 some years ago while building with MTN on some Art Basel projects and from there they became family ever since. From knocking down wood sculpture tree forts, to painting on walls, to partying in the streets of Miami to painting and running the streets of Puerto Rico…we may as well of known each other 20 years ago, I love them both as well as the new addition to the family.


Trek6: I met Chor in 2011 Art Basel, MTN was keeping their paints at G South’s paint store. G and I have been STV WH for 25 years so in hanging out with the homies I met Chor. The following Basel my wife and I helped MTN out with some projects in Miami and I got to know Chor better…I think we both have a really insane work ethic and appreciation for the craft and each other’s work. I learn a lot from painting with guys like Chor, we both have been in this over 20 something years but there is always room to learn and improve. Painting with guys who really push themselves both in the art and in the physical side of their work is always a good lesson.


1xRUN: What materials were used on this piece?
Trek6: MTN paint

1xRun: When was this piece created & how long did it take?
Chor Boogie:  4 Days. Straight freestyle sun.
Trek6: Its all improvised across 4 days in March 2010, we agreed to do it on one day started the next just fleshing out the speakers then just worked for 3 more days. The first day we had no lift and at least for my getting that 17ft circle to look nice and round without any tools on a shaky ladder was an accomplishment.


1xRun: Anything you would like us to highlight about this piece?
Chor Boogie: This year I’m going to add to it this year on my side of the wall.
Trek6: We called it Everlasting Bass…like the Rodney O track…which was big in Cali as well as Miami…and it’s a Miami Cali collab, coming in you see my side leaving you see Chor.

1xRun: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?
Chor Boogie:  I was just down to paint a boom box. Lizzie and Trek presented the idea and I was like, word, ok let’s do this.
Trek6: Like I said , my wife and I had been throwing the idea around and Chor being a workhorse was in town so I asked.

1xRun: What is unique about this piece?
Chor Boogie: It’s all painted with chrome metallic silver. It has two different artistic styles and it stands out amongst the rest on that 95 freeway, giving it that ambiance of iconic difference to the point everyone knows about the boombox.
Trek6: I think the way both of us approach color and line has a real interesting aesthetic and that platinum shine smacking you in the face when you drive down 95 at sunset.


1xRun: Why should people buy this print?
Chor Boogie: Buy it if your feeling it…if not…I’m sure there is something by 1xrun that you will love.
Trek6: This piece has been a real special work; the city really has embraced it as a landmark of a community that is internationally known for art. It has been in everything from rap videos, VH1 and Miami Heat Lebron James commercial. It is a recognized place to visit by the city, but the building is falling apart and it’s future is uncertain.

1xRun: Describe this piece in one gut reaction word.
Trek6: can’t get enough of everlasting BASS!!


1xRun: You are both staying busy, what are your plans for the fall and winter coming up?
Chor Boogie: STAY TUNED…to  HYPERLINK “” or follow me on instagram @chorboogie .. same with google+ and Facebook… and it would be an honor to share what im doing for YOU. But like I said I will be adding to the boombox at art basel this year…as a teaser.
Trek6: I have a son that should be born any minute. I’ll be getting ready for Basel in December.I’m a first time Dad so I’m not making too many plans until I know what I’m getting into, but I am doing a series of different walls in Miami and I just wrapped up the mural for the Bob Marley:Messenger exhibit in the History Miami museum. Aside from that some traveling maybe.


1xRun: Where else can people find you?
Chor Boogie: WebsiteFacebookTwitter  & Instagram @chorboogie
Trek6: WebsiteFacebook @Trek.Six – Instagram @trek6