Ckaweeks Makes His 1xRUN Debut With Sip, Surf, Stoked For Pow Wow Hawaii 2014

1xRUN Thru Interview
Sip, Surf, Stoked by Ckaweeks

1xRUN: Tell us a little bit about this piece. Was it part of a recent theme or series of work you’ve had?
Ckaweeks: Coffee infused radness.  Sip, surf and get stoked my friends. I came across these fluorescent acrylic inks and since then, I have been featuring these eye popping colors in all my recent work.  It’s been bringing me back to the 80’s surf art and I’ve been pulling a lot of inspiration from there lately. I like drawing with highlighters.


1xRUN: What materials did you use to create this piece with?
Ckaweeks: The original piece was painted with Hawaiian Shave Ice syrup on Arches cold press watercolor paper.  Been really taking a liking to using this medium.  I especially like the flow of the coconut and li ing mui flavors on paper.


1xRUN: When did you start painting this piece and how long did it take to finish?
Ckaweeks: I had the sketch drawn out for a while.  I started actually painting this piece on November 12, 2013.  Then Sadie Māhealani was born, I took a short break for diaper duties.  Between painting, changing doodoo diapers, painting, feeding, painting and changing more doots… I finally got to finish this piece in January 2014. I’d say about 3 months total.


1xRUN: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?
Ckaweeks: Every morning I would randomly draw a bunch of coffee kaiju, as I call them, with my morning cup of joe.  This is the product of being over caffeinated and watching one of Hawaii’s most epic winter surf seasons pass you by without being able to get out in the water. Hawaii’s winter season is no snow, but the surf is killer!

1xRUN: What is unique about this piece?
Ckaweeks: The art imitates real life.  This piece and the artist was born in the surfing capitol of the world.  The artist actually drinks too much coffee and plays in the surf.


1xRUN: Why should people buy the print?
Ckaweeks: You are a rad individual. Owning this print is necessary and will boost your sex appeal, radness and you will radiate with a Positive Mental Attitude all day. Get it and help spread PMA!

1xRUN: Describe the piece in one gut reaction word.
Ckaweeks: OSS!


1xRUN: You’ve participated previously in Pow Wow correct? What have your experiences been like so far?
Ckaweeks: Yes, I have.  Pow Wow Hawaii has been great every year.  All the directors really do a great job on organizing this event.  It is unique that it is based in Hawaii.  It must be such a rad experience to be a visiting artist.  It is one that you definitely do not want to miss when given the chance.  It is great to meet and paint with new faces as well as old ones.

1xRUN: Anybody you’d personally like to collaborate with if the opportunity presented itself?
Ckaweeks: There are so many dope artists on the roster that it’s hard to say who you’re looking forward to seeing paint. I think it would be rad to collaborate with Steve Nazar one day.  As for the current roster of visitors,  I’d be down to work with anybody.  Maybe Persue so that way I can be like “yo, now that we’re painting buddies, hook up this “Put it in the ditch bra” 1xRUN print I bought with some custom embellishments bra! Mahalo!


1xRUN: As a local Hawaiian artist, what would you like for visiting artists to take away from their time in Hawaii?
Ckaweeks: The Aloha spirit, respect and education on Hawaiian culture and good vibes.  Just don’t take away any pohaku or stones of any kind…that could be very bad.

1xRUN: Who are some of your favorite Hawaiian artists for the uninitiated?
Ckaweeks: Katch1 has always been an artist I’ve wanted to meet and paint with. I used to look at his work back in the day and think “holy f**k, this dudes an alien!?”  20 years later you’d think you’d figure out some of his techniques and understand it…nope.  Still an alien.  Katch has huge pieces still running from 90’s and when you look at them up close, knowing that it was done in the Krylon days with no fancy paint, bra???  What’s dope about Katch is that he’s spent some time on the mainland but you’d always see him throw up Hawaii.  I respected that. Others that are on the roster are EVR krew, AF, Matt & Roxy Oriz, Beak, Whomu, Oera, Solomon Enos…Oh man, too much to name.


1xRUN: Do you have any plans for your wall out there or are you just going to improvise it when you get there?
Ckaweeks: Probably just improvise…

1xRUN: How did 2013 wrap up for you?
Ckaweeks: Life changing… I became a father.  It can’t get any better than that.

1xRUN: Aside from Pow Wow 2014, what are your plans for the new year?
Ckaweeks: Family first, so being a rad dad is important to me.  Other than that I’d like to link up with more people, travel and get down on spraycation more.

1xRUN: Anything you’d like to add that we didn’t touch on?
Ckaweeks:  Spam musabis are the Hawaiian power bars.  Go out and get one.


1xRUN: Where else can people find you?
Ckaweeks:   WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter