Clean As A Whistle at 323East Gallery

Big Top and Signature Tattoo present an alternative to your clean cut, run of the mill…hygienic annual art show with Clean As A Whistle. Featuring new works from Big Top and Signature Tattoo Artists, Clean As A Whistle is to grime what a hot slot machine is to a tarnished dime. Curated by Mark Heggie the show features new work from Josh Fallon, Mark Heggie, Tyler Hemmingsen, Garth Hixon, Davey James, Nick Kelly, Dan Rick and Sam Wolf.

“This is our answer to the community to create a top notch exhibition that will be accessible to everybody. We’re catering to art collectors, we’re catering to our groupie fans and we’re catering to people who just want a pretty painting to put on the wall for $50. We’re not trying to exclude anybody,” Mark Heggie said. “We know that you’re not just buying a product, you’re not just buying a service. You’re buying into an experience, and it’s a lifestyle, sometimes it takes over and you start eating and breathing and sleeping it, but sometimes it’s just a cool momento of the times. But hey, it’s going to last longer than any car you’re ever going to buy, any house, any investment.”

Clean As A Whistle will exhibit through March 18th at  323East Gallery 4th Street, Royal Oak, Mi – we’re open from Monday – Saturday from Noon – 7pm and the works will be viewable online 24/7 at – Clean As A Whistle

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