Cope2 Releases New 20 x 17 Print: Pure Bliss

Cope2 has lived his whole life in the Bronx, in the public housing projects on the opposite end of the earth from Wall Street in Manhattan. He came to graffiti like everyone else in those days, at the age when young men and women begin to explore the urban labyrinth where we all live. Cope2 is a graffiti artist who created a legacy in New York with his art and creativity. Read on below as Cope2 talks to us about past influences, his debut RUNs and more in the latest 1xRUN Thru Interview…

1xRun: Tell us a little bit about this original piece for Pure Bliss? How did the idea and execution come about?
Cope2: Just being natural at what I do just going with the flow and how im feeling as i go on creating the painting and the results are amazing i really love this painting I called it Pure Bliss cause I was in my studio, just doing my thing, being creative with my work and some new paintings. When I was done with this one I just looked at it and said “This is pure bliss!!!”  I love it!! So I just called it “Pure Bliss” and that’s how it went down when I created it earlier this year.

What materials did you use on the original painting?
Cope2: It’s just straight up spray paint and house paint. I love using real house paint cause it’s strong and will last for ever.  I also used acrylics and an old original newspaper clipping from the 1800’s that i got from Billy’s Antique Shop on Houston, which is closed down now.  The pieces of New York City subway maps give it texture and a bit of that nyc flavor as well.

1xRun: How long did the piece take from start to finish?
Maybe a week or two, just taking my time cause when I’m in my studio I work on 2 or 3 pieces at once multi-tasking.

1xRun: What is unique about this piece?
That it’s an original, a master piece done by my hands. 30+ years of being a legendary New York City graffiti artist, writer and bomber all wrapped up into 1 master piece painting. So authentic.

1xRun: Why should people buy this print?
 Cause it’s official, authentic and has 30+ years of originality behind it. It’ll be great for your collection.

1xRun: Describe this print in one gut reaction word.
pure bliss!!!!!!

1xRun: This is the third print we’re releasing with you, tell us about the quick sell out and why we all feel this one will have the draw of your collectors.
Cope2: I guess being a New York City graffiti artist for 30 years, people start to recognize and embrace some real and true history. That’s pretty much gone, there’s not too many graffiti legends from New York City still doing it today and staying relevant–not only on walls in the streets–but with paintings in gallery’s collections or auctions through out the world. That’s what I’m doing it still today in the future hopefully I’ll be in the Gagosian gallery someday my dream.
1xRun: What your insight on why getting prints in the hands of younger collectors is important?
Cope2:  So they can have a piece of my history and work. Who knows, when they grow older and they’re making good money they can buy a real piece from me for their collection or walls in their home and I’m grateful for the support from the younger collectors.
1xRun: Tell us about your recent projects that went down at Art Basel.
I was in 3 shows. Art of Basketball which went well, was cool cause the Miami Heat players were sitting in the VIP with my piece on the wall right behind them, which was really great cause it was in pics everywhere and the piece sold. dope!!
Another show was called 50 Shades of Art, which was really great. It had a few other artist like Indie, Tkid, Sero, Sen2, Cap and a few others. There was a great turn out as well and I had some original New York City subway metal signs painted up at Scope in the Dorian Grey Gallery booth which also sold the pieces as well.

So I did good and I was just feeling the vibe, checking out some shows over on the Miami Beach side, which was the real deal. I wasn’t really feeling Wynwood too much this year, too many damn jocks!! All these so-called graffiti and street artists trying to suck the wall space and vibe.  I saw some writers take 5 days on a terrible piece that looked so simple.  It was terrible, the whole vibe this year, I wasn’t feeling it at all. Too many egos running around, everyone sucking the whole Art Basel!! vibe. The real Art Basel is in Miami Beach not Wynwood!!! I know artists are trying to get theirs, but do it right. Wynwood this year was disgusting!!! Hopefully next year will be much better.

1xRUN: You’re coming to Detroit in the spring, why Detroit, what’s the draw for you personally?
I see they’re doing a lot of nice walls down there and really hooking up the city with some amazing art on the walls, and I’d love to support and be part of it, so let’s rock it down there. It’s pretty cool, it reminds me of the mid-80’s when I was bombing all the sides of buildings and abandon buildings in the South Bronx and doing pieces inside the abandon buildings. It’s something you really can’t do today in New York City cause they’ve pretty much fixed things up here. So it would be cool to get that vibe again for a few, it’s so raw I love it.

1xRun: You had a few shows in 2012, what is on tap for you in 2013?
I’m booking shows as we speak around the globe, trying to come harder with some great paintings and works for the art world. Just going with the flow, but I’m really focused. There’s so many artists who have only been in the game for 5 or 10 years and they’re killing it so I’m going for mines. It’s my profession now, it’s what I really do. I’m a painter an artist, the graffiti legend is history.
1xRUN: Where else can people find you?
Cope2: – or in my studio rockin and creating some masterpieces.