Corporate Clowns by TMNK aka Nobody – 4 color hand altered silkscreen release

“Hmm debt ceiling August 2 deadline? Interesting…While they bullshit we DO shit!”- TMNK

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After months of travels overseas a highly anticipated release of Corporate Clowns from TMNK (The Me Nobody Knows) and 1xRUN is getting closer to drop-date.  Although not anticipated, but ironic, we’re dropping this politically relevant lampoon of corporate greed and the almighty USD $ as the US government struggles to cope with excessive spending and debt.

A few months ago, we shipped a box of 4-color silkscreen prints to Nobody (TMNK) with the intention of him hand-embellishing each one for our collectors. Every now and then, we would check in on the process and wonder what is taking so long to complete them.  Today, we received an email from Nobody with 10 of the final prints and….WOW, now we can see the efforts that went into the process; each print is like a unique, original piece of art.  This will be many collectors’ first chance to own an original TMNK work of art, and surely any who hesitate will miss their chance… Time and date of this release has yet to be determined – some time this week. Edition of 40 hand-painted silkscreens; price of $150.

Here are a few process images and a sample of the final prints –

Process photos:

From the street: