Denial – Freak Out And Break Stuff

Freak Out And Break Stuff By Denial

To ring in the holidays we’ve dropped our latest print from Canadian street artist, Denial. This 12 x 16 x 2 print comes with a free t-shirt of the same design. Check out detail shots and buy on and read our first post on Denial after the jump.


DENIAL is news-worthy for multiple reasons.

With an army of cohorts, his guerrilla sticker campaign has managed to spread almost 500,000 adhesive pseudo-logos around the world, on almost every continent.  In recent months, his prolific celebration of the sublime and the absurd has also resulted in 250 original spray-painted stencil works being sold out at 323East, and 1xRUN has delivered hundreds of works all over the world.

– Listen to Denial’s Interview on WDET FM

This local yet international artist resides just next door in Windsor Ontario, but has been declared persona-non-grata according to United States Immigration authorities, due to certain legal-hazards inherent to the art-form of graffiti. Where a less resourceful artist might just find himself shit-out-of-luck, DENIAL decided to fight the good fight, and used his creativity to find a way to circumvent his effective captivity.

Constructing a cut-out/painting of himself, complete with a Skype-enabled computer monitor for a head, DENIAL has created his own surrogate-self, to “personally” attend art-openings in the United States. Homeland Security may not like it, but the cultural virus that is DENIAL has arrived, and is definitely spreading.


Studio Visit in Windsor, Ontario

Denial preparing for the solo exhibition at 323east

Denial prepping for solo show

denial event images