Fans With Frames

Every once in a while we’ll get a mention on twitter from another happy collector that got their print framed.  We understand how sometimes it takes a while to get around to framing, and sometimes you have to save up again just to buy the frame, but oh is it so very worth it when properly matted and paired with a sturdy exterior.

Here are some of the framed 1xRUN prints, from collectors around the world! (Yep, did you know that over 20% of 1xRUNNERS are outside the USA?)


via @moneytlksbswlks


via Anon

Man From Topanga by Dave Kinsey

via Anon

Migration by Nathan Spoor

via Rob

Anonymous Hug by Patrick Awa

via sAL


Want to share your frame with us? email or tweet a photo and we’ll add it to our next post!