Helio Bray Returns With Muso Inko + Original Artwork

1xRun: Tell us a bit about this piece, is the original still for sale?
Helio Bray: This piece was created for an exhibition in Lisbon, named ‘Shapes for All’. The Stroke Art Fair was a great experience. This piece is sold but I’ve still got some originals available here on 1xRUN.


1xRun: When was this piece created and with what materials?
Helio Bray:  I started the piece in the beginning of May 2012. I made some other pieces for the same exhibition, all a bit different but very similar. The materials are my usual materials: acrylics and spray cans.


1xRun: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?
Helio Bray: I used to like to mixed some colors in particular with some specifics forms too. And here that’s what I have made. I have created an environment for the Mikey Mouse, where we can find some abstract layers. On this piece there is a bit of extra appreciation for the clean line.

1xRun: How long did the piece take?
Helio Bray: About one week.


1xRun: What is unique about this piece?
Helio Bray: The grey paint that I used. It was one of the most spectacular greys that I have ever worked with.

1xRun: Why should people buy this print?
Helio Bray: I think, as all of my work, people should buy it if they can feel my energy in it. Because, honestly that’s what it contains the most.

1xRun: Describe the piece in one gut reaction word.
Helio Bray: A vibrant scale of colors.

1xRUN-Helio-Bray-Muso-Inko-12x17-BLOG-HERO1xRun: What have you been up to since our last release Partina Girald?
Helio Bray: I have been painting at least one time per week. Minimum. So I have a lots of new murals, and I recently had a new exhibition with some friends. Now, I’m working in a new project and should have more details coming soon.


1xRun: Any new artists really inspiring you to push yourself as of late?
Helio Bray: Chure one,  Mosaik Klit, Mar and Monster. We are thunders, men!


1xRun: Any recent collaborations you’ve done you want to highlight?
Helio Bray: The one I have made with 1xRUN :)


1xRun: Do you have any upcoming shows or events that you’d like to talk about?
Helio Bray: As I said, I’m working on a new project, it will be a little bit bigger than the usual. Excited to give out some more news very soon.


1xRUN: Where else can people find you?
Helio Bray: WebsiteFacebook Instagram