Joseph Conrad-Ferm 1xExclusive

It is rare that art lovers have the opportunity to own a collection of sketch-paintings, which might have been the side-thoughts or starting points of greater original works. Imagine being able to purchase a mini Miro or Picasso, done on the side during one of their paintings. We view this sketchbook of paintings from Conrad-Ferm as such an opportunity. The video below features the artist flipping through each of the pages, and the second video, following some of his explanation, shows the process of simultaneously creating on many canvases while always returning to this sketchbook throughout the process.

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“This series was done in conjunction with a series I painted for Fountain Miami 2010.” – Joseph


“Instead of wiping excess paint off the brushes, on to rags, I used the pages of several sketch books.  The resulting paintings were as beautiful, to me, as the larger canvas pieces they were born of.” – Joseph

Below is a video of the canvas pieces this series was created from:

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Not having any formal art training, apart from elementary and secondary school classes, Ferm began painting in the winter of 2002, after a significant change, in his life.

Ferm has used painting, as a voice, to express the joys and pitfalls, of his life experience.

To date, Ferm has over 1,000 finished works, on paper, canvas, and wood.  His work is in public and private collections worldwide, and he has over 30 group and solo shows to his credit.  “I don’t have a college art degree and I don’t have an art critics vocabulary.  I paint when I’m feeling good and I paint when I feel like shit.  I pick some music to fit my mood and I go to work.  Work is probably not the right word for it though.  It pours out of me, as fast as I can move.  I’m not painting to raise the consciousness of mankind, and I have no political statement to make.  I’m painting because I feel compelled to do it.”

In 2005, Ferm linked up with Brooklyn artist, DJ, and producer Kimyon Huggins.  They have collaborated several times, over the years, on various art projects, in NYC and Miami, FL.  As part of the artist collective, No Agenda, they’re working to bring raw talent to a larger audience.

Ferms’ work, used extensively by interior designers, has been seen in House Beautiful magazine, and most recently on Home By Novogratz, an HGTV series.   He lives in the Hudson valley of NY, with his son and wife, artist Sarah Conrad-Ferm, and works as a registered nurse, in the ICU and PACU, at two area hospitals.

Joining Kipton Art, in 2010, Ferms’ work was displayed on a larger scale.  Selected as one of the top 20 KiptonArt rising finalists, last year, Ferms’ paintings are being sought after, by an even larger audience.

There is no end in sight, to his creating.  “ Every time someone connects with one of my pieces, and takes that part of me into their home, I’m humbled a little bit more.”

For more info and a listing of past shows, visit his artist page here.


All 46 original pieces are shipped in a 1/4 inch, black frame with plexiglass. Pick out yours here – the full preview will be open on November 7th!