KATSU – Priority Mail

These 3-color silkscreen prints were created exclusively for 1xRun by notorious graffiti vandal KATSU in AVONE’s Brooklyn studio. These prints will arrive to you uncut as they were shipped by the artist. Typical wear and variations in the prints may include but are limited to paper wear, slight color variations and distress marks from the artist’s printing process.

Katsu - Priority Mail - Run #00182 // Feb 27, 2012 - Feb 23, 2012

Please note that per KATSU’s request these prints will not be signed directly on the print as not to take away from the print itself. Instead each print will come with a USPS Priority Mail sticker Certificate of Authenticity which will be signed by KATSU. In addition, each print will come with one of KATSU’s signature USPS Priority Mail heavy-duty adhesive stickers that can be found on streets around the world.

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