Kukula Returns To 1xRUN With Regret

1xRUN Thru Interview
Regret by Kukula

1xRUN: Tell us a little bit about this piece.
Kukula:  I was drawing the top girl inspired by this art deco ad for risque lingerie and I was drawing the bottom girl inspired by something from Chanel.  So they were supposed to be painted separately, but when I started working on the composition I thought they could work together. I decided that they have the same idea of luxury and that’s how the name came about too, probably because I buy a lot of stuff and regret it.  I think that people like this piece a little bit more than I do. That’s how I feel about it.

1xRUN: Why do you say that?
Kukula: I had a weird experience painting it.  By that time I had started painting it I was already not attached to it, so I was a bit angry. I was painting very angry! I couldn’t get into it. So at one point I had a half-finished painting, and it doesn’t really make sense not to finish it, after I had spent so much time on it. You don’t want to stop in the middle, especially when it looks really nice. And people really like it. I have made it into an iPhone cover that sells in Europe. Also, this piece is not very naked, so people can have it on their stuff.

1xRUN: That’s pretty interesting, does that happen to you very often where you have a piece that you aren’t happy with but gets a very positive response?
Kukula: No, no. Especially not lately. Three-four years ago I came to like my things a bit more. I used to hate all of them. This one I felt a bit frustrated. Now, I don’t get into that situation as much. Also I knew that people really like when my girls are flying around in the sky, or floating, these type of compositions that have a lot of air.  I know now how to do it (as I did in this one.) I have a new painting that I just finished with a girl standing on top of this pedestal, which I have done a few times, but she has much more  of a feeling that she is flying.  I get sick of compositions very quickly. I don’t want to repeat myself. The second I repeat something I am sick of it. The first painting that I did was very cute and people loved it, and because it sold I thought I should do another one, but I don’t think I do very well in repeating myself.

1xRUN: Ok, can you give us a little bit of background of when this piece was painted?
Kukula:  It was painted for the show “Lonely Opulent Things” but I think it really belonged in that show, it was a bit more of an extension of the previous show “Immoral Artifacts”.  “Immoral Artifacts” was more about inspiration. I think I kept that same type of direction with that piece, and it’s a little different direction that some of the other “Lonely Opulent Things” paintings.

1xRUN: What materials were you using for this painting?
Kukula:  They were painted on MDF. I like it because it’s very grainy, you can get this texture of something that is very old. This is one of those decisions that you have while you are half-sleeping, one of those decisions that you make. I’ve been giving them enough coating so they are archival enough. I love the texture. It’s not wood, it’s not canvas, it’s not paper, but it’s papery. It’s very smooth. I like things to be light, like watercolors, even though I paint with oils. So I get the effect of both!

1xRUN: How long did this piece take from start to finish?
Kukula: I would say about 3 weeks, not including all the drawing.

1xRUN: What else do you have in the works?
Kukula: I just finished a mini solo-show, I will have 6 pieces in a show with Corey Helford. They have this huge space, and I will have my own little space within it, which will be really cool.  It sounds like it will be fun. Also I’m working on a book, which will go out to print at the end of this year.

1xRUN: Where else can people find you?
Kukula: On my website kukulaland.com and at the Corey Helford gallery.