Lush Debuts With The Mad Fold In Cop

1xRUN Thru Interview
Mad Fold In Cop by Lush

1xRun: Tell us a little bit about this piece, is the original still for sale?
Lush: It is an idea I had drawn and painted then expanded upon with the original drawing of the print. I have the original but it is most likely lost in the abyss that is my studio but if I can find it I would sell it because I like money.


1xRUN: When was this piece created and with what materials ?
This was created in the middle of 2013. I used a big piece of paper. I have no idea what kind of materials. I just draw on paper racked from an art store and the outline with black gel pens I racked from officeworks then colored in with manga coloring in markers I racked in Tokyo.

1xRun: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?
I read a lot of MAD magazine and always got a kick out of the fold in back pages and thought why not do it as a print?

1xRun: How long did the piece take?
A good day’s worth of drawing and coloring in like I was in pre school.

1xRun: What is unique about this piece?
No one has done a fold in print, mostly because it’s not the best strategy for someone who wants to keep their print mint and not folded up haha!


1xRun: Why should people buy this print?
Because I like to eat and not out of a trash can. Also it’s pretty awesome and will get you laid obviously.

1xRun: Describe this piece in one gut reaction word.
A.C.A.B. lush-1xrun-fold-in-18x24-640

1xRun: When did you first start making art? What was your first piece?
My first memories on this planet are of me painting outside in the yard on an easel with butcher paper whilst naked. Not much has changed. A train panel painted in good old Werribee , Australia mate.

1xRun: What artists inspired you early on? What artists inspire you now?
Early on it was Nomad, Logik, Elvis, Panik, Duke and other local west side Melbourne writers. As for now, it’s Espo, Revs and Cost, The Chapman Brothers, Ice T, Doug Stanhope and the Trailer Park Boys.

1xRun: Do you listen to music while you work?
Death metal from 90 to 94 like Bolt Thrower and Project Pat of course.

1xRun: If you could collaborate with any living artist who would it be and why? Any deceased artists?
No body comes to mind, maybe some metal bands I enjoy, I’d like to paint their band logos on trains or in hotspots. Like Bolt Thrower, Amebix, NAILS and Destroyer 666. I like people who are alive, zombies aren’t as much fun.

1xRun: What was the first piece of art that you bought? Do you still have it? The last?
Too poor to buy art, buy my art so I can answer this question right.


1xRun: What are your plans as 2014 gets underway? Any shows or events planned?
To crush my enemies — See them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women!

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1xRun: Where else can people find you?
Lush:   Instagram + Twitter + Tumblr @lushsux – Flickr