Nathan Spoor Walks Us Thru Rites Of Passage

Nathan Spoor is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles, CA, whose work is highly regarded by several prestigious collections and publications worldwide.  Spoor’s paintings involve images of transition and growth; fluid narratives that chronicle a world rich with the mystery, joy, pain, and delicate balance of personal and spiritual evolution. Believing that continuous study of technique and process are critical to his own growth as an artist. No image or canvas is too precious to wipe, repaint, and even burn on his own journey to discovery and expression. In this way, Spoor makes a personal and transformative connection with each piece that for him lives on beyond the finished works.  With a writing style that shows an impressive passion and understanding of the arts in context, Spoor continues to bring challenging and informative text to readers of such internationally acclaimed publications as Hi Fructose, BL!SSS, Juxtapoz, Grand Central Press and The Surfer’s Journal in an intelligent and educated fashion.

Here for his 4th RUN we are excited to showcase Suggestivism curator Nathan Spoor as he brings us Rites of Passage. Read on as Nathan walks us through his latest RUN Rites of Passage in this installation of the 1xRUN Thru Interview.

Commencement by Nathan Spoor

1xRun Thru Interview
Rites of Passage by Nathan Spoor

1xRun: When was the original created? Is still for sale?
Nathan Spoor: The original was created over 2 years, along with other works finished in 2009. It is currently in a collection in Germany.

1xRun: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?
Nathan Spoor:  This painting features a pivotal point in the central character’s narrative. The image portrays the instant when the female protagonist begins a different part of her journey. This painting is one of the main moments in the ongoing series of works called The Intimate Parade.

Age of Reason by Nathan Spoor

God Particle by Nathan Spoor

1xRun: What is unique about this piece?     
Nathan Spoor:  This painting is unique in that no other piece like it exists.

1xRun: Why should people buy this print?    
Nathan Spoor:  People should buy art because they enjoy it. Because they are drawn to it. It completes some part of their life or the ideal of the life that they are living. A person buys art because it is an investment in their personal interests and expressions.
1xRun: Describe these prints in one gut reaction word.     
Nathan Spoor:  Ooooh.

Run #00306 // Rites of Passage by Nathan Spoor

1xRun: When did you first start making art?    
Nathan Spoor:  When I was very very young. I started painting in college though.    My first art piece was undoubtedly a pencil drawing.

1xRun: What artists inspired you early on?    
Nathan Spoor:    I think my earliest art memories are Friz Freleng cartoons, comic books and Bill Peat books. Things like that made me realize a lot about how fun and entertaining art is.

Bugs Bunny by Friz Freleng

1xRun: What artists inspire you now?
Nathan Spoor: I’m inspired by tons of artists. People should spend time with the line quality of Hans Bellmer, the personalities of Yves Tanguys paintings of objects and whatever Francis Bacon was up to.

1xRun: If you could collaborate with any living artist who would it be and why?    
Nathan Spoor:  There are lots of artists, but to collaborate it would have to be someone that could translate my work to motion. Probably like a filmmaker like Miyazaki or Tim Burton or Spike Jonze.

1xRun: If you could collaborate with any deceased artists who would it be and why?    
Nathan Spoor:  Deceased artist… maybe a great city builder in the day of ancient civilizations. It would more amazing to leave something substantial and massive for the future to someday find.

1xRun: What else do you have in the works?
Nathan Spoor:  This year I’ll have a new piece in Alix Sloan’s group show “Awakened” at AFA Gallery in NY. Then a piece this winter at Feinkust Kruger’s exhibit “Armageddon” curated by Heiko Muller in Germany.  2013 features me curating a new Suggestivism show at MondoPOP in Rome, Italy and co-curating a show with Jeff McMillan at Long Beach Museum of Art.

1xRun:  Where can people find you on the internette?
Nathan Spoor:  WebsiteFacebookTwitter

Existing by Nathan Spoor