Nychos – Silly Slicesophy At Mighty Tanaka

Silly Slicesophy a Solo Show by Nychos.
Opening on Friday, August 9th at Might Tanaka
(Show Runs Until September 9th)
A limited quantity of these prints will be available at the show.

Mighty Tanaka
111 Front Street, Suite 224
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718.596.8781

1xRUN: On Friday June 21st, Inner State Gallery welcomed the world acclaimed street artist Nychos for his first Detroit solo exhibition titled “I’d Like To Meat You!”. The exhibition featured an entirely new body of work inspired by his love of anatomy, graffiti and Detroit’s Eastern Market, an area with a storied history as a hub for public murals produce and freshly butchered meat, all things the painter has long been acquainted with in his native country of Austria.
Nychos: “My dad and my grandpa were traditional Austrian hunters, so I think that is where some of my interest in anatomy comes from. Seeing a deer dissected for the first time was very inspiring for me. Seeing all the guts and intestines drop out, it was a bit crazy at first,” Nychos told Hypebeast while painting at the world’s premiere street art festival Pow Wow Hawaii earlier this year. “Using all of this anatomy I think have found something I can stick with and really go crazy on. It’s staying fresh for me because I am always finding new ways to do it.”


1xRUN: Compiling his anatomic knowledge with sliced cross sections, x-ray peek-ins and detailed dissections “I’d Like To Meat You!” was a colorful exploration of new works on paper, canvas and wood highlighting Nychos’ skilled range across graffiti, illustration and street art.


1xRUN: In his upcoming show, Silly Slicesophy at Mighty Tanaka, Nychos goes to work on classic Disney characters, such as Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and others.  Disney’s ubiquitous and intantly recognizable characters provide the perfect subject matter for Nychos’ artistic treatment.  Known for his clean style, imaginitve approach and flawless execution, Nychos will be exhibiting a selection of paintings, illustrations, a new print from 1xRUN and a custom made patch just for the show and aims to please with his latest body of work.



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