Ron English – Revelations Book II

 Each LP will have it’s own one-of-a-kind original cover artwork applied by Ron himself. This is a rare chance to own an ORIGINAL piece of Ron English’s artwork. This re-release of the 1999 album features a lyrical storyline written by Ron English that was musically constructed by a varied group of musicians including Daniel Johnston, Patti Rothberg, Railroad Jerk, Wammo, and Emilio China.

Read on for tracks from Revelations Book II, flicks and videos from Ron English’s recent trip to Detroit and more images of the unique handmade cover artwork for Ron’s Revelations Book II vinyl. Head back to to buy Revelations Book II.


Play or Download Individual mp3 Tracks on Ron’s Website

1. CLOUD COVER “I Am Here” (R. English/K. Geary)

6. RAILROAD JERK “Good News” (R. English/Railroad Jerk)

13. THE REVEREND VINCE ANDERSON “Sucker Born Again Every Minute” (R. English/V. Anderson)

16. SEXPOD “Hole in the Sky” (R. English/Sexpod)

Over the past year we have had the pleasure of seeing Ron English’s work up close and personal. When Ron visited Detroit earlier this year, he took some time to see a few Detroit street art mainstays as he stopped at the Packard Plant and the Heidelberg Project before coming by 323East Gallery aka the 1xRUN offices to apply his signature brand bending ironic posters with wheat paste and launch a Grin balloon. Check out the short video and see flicks of it all below. Also check out Ron’s latest creation “Cathy Cowgirl” below.

“Cathy Cowgirl” from General Idea on Vimeo.