The Death of Banksy by Ryan McCann

Death to Banksy by Ryan McCann

“In the manner in which they operate, street artists and banks have a lot in common. In a battle of ironies it looks like Banksy has still won.” – Ryan McCann

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          Ryan McCann wasn’t able to fully exercise his creative ability as an artist until his athletic career came to an end in 2003 when he was released by the Cincinnati Bengals after requiring a second shoulder surgery. At that point, he decided to move forward in life and translated his unique energy he had been using in football into his artwork.

           His work surprised those that knew him as a football player, but not those that knew him as an artist.  Since his  re-immersion into the art world, Ryan has created a niche for himself as a mixed media pyrographer, using a blowtorch to create the majority of the image. He then combines this with oil and acrylic paints to create an image that seeks to twist pop culture into communicating an unsaid truth. Ryan also was the quarterback at UCLA who recently lost their historic coach John Wooden, click below to see the video.

Read on for our short interview with Ryan McCann where he talks about his most recent print, his work as a pyrographer and more.

1xRUN:  Let’s talk about Death to Banksy,  is there anything immediate you would like us to highlight that would help collectors know all they can about this piece?

Ryan McCann: The piece was my reaction/social commentary on street art at the time.

1xRUN: What is unique about this piece?

Ryan McCann:This is one of only 2 pieces that I have done in the past 5 years that isn’t in some way created with a blowtorch. I felt that the concept for the piece didn’t require it and I wanted to experiment with stucco, which is what is used as the wall in the painting.

1xRUN: Tell us how the idea and execution of this print came about?

Ryan McCann:When I created this piece in ‘09 I loved the work Banksy was doing. I love the whole idea behind graffiti and how it all started, and I feel Banksy made it accessible to the public. It was something that everyone could understand.

1xRUN: Why should people buy this print?

Ryan McCann: Because there are only 60 being made and they are for pennies!

1xRUN: If you could collaborate with any living artist who would it be?

Ryan McCann: Is Picasso still alive? No? Ok, than Id love to play Scrabble with Ed Rucha.

1xRUN: If you could collaborate with any deceased artists who would it be?

Ryan McCann: R. Mutt

1xRUN: What was the first piece of art that you bought? Do you still have it?

Ryan McCann:A print from a Hollywood antique dealer. I have never been able to find anything out about the artist but I love the piece and still have it hanging in our house. Ironically, I think I paid $60 for it.

1xRUN: What else do you have in the works currently?

Ryan McCann: I am continuing to use my blowtorch and am developing a process that would allow me to work on a massive scale with a flamethrower.Also, I just finished a 10-foot guitar for Gibson commemorating the presence of Janes Addiction on the Sunset Strip. It will be signed by the band then displayed on Sunset Blvd for all of 2012, then auctioned for charity.

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