The impressive light of Dan Kitchener’s “The Dark”

This limited set of prints will be hand embellished by the artist upon signing and numbering. Double-awesome!

Dan Kitchener the Dark 1xRUN print

Dan provided us with this impressive print with the intention to paint-in some of the red lights and tracks, uniquely for each collector. This piece is just one of many works by Kitchener that leave us in awe of what he does with light sources in his images. Curious to hear what the thought-process behind this print was, we asked Dan about The Dark:

“My inspiration for this image primarily comes from my fascination with light, and the effect of light in a scene. I love the way that even in darkness, areas are picked out by light and reflections, creating shapes and form without having to show the actual detail of the object.
These dark, urban, tube and railway tunnels are images that I see on a daily basis commuting in and out of London. They have transformed over the years of seeing them into strange and abstract worlds, full of strange machinery, odd shapes and cables and tracks. I love the way the abstract geometry and bizarre mechanics create such an intricate and intense visual experience. 

Punctuated by vivid, bright red lights, almost like eyes shining in the darkness as we approach. These shadowy dark worlds seem to have all sorts of possibilities, they fuel my imagination as to what may be lurking within.” – Dan Kitchener

We love seeing artists in action (if you haven’t noticed) and were pleased to discover this photo set on flickr of Dan working on a mural triptych along the same concept as this print.

Dan Kitchener mural
Take a look!

Dan Kitchener Mural