What the F!?

Take a look at our homepage and you’ll surely notice that familiar orange F on some upcoming releases. So what does it all mean? We’re proud to announce an exciting collaboration with city cultural mavens, flavorpill.com that gives you yet another reason to love Fridays.

In addition to our successful Monday print releases we’re excited to announce Flavorpill Fridays. These edition sizes will be a bit larger than our Monday RUNs to make more prints available to large audience Flavorpill has. We’re going to maintain lower edition sizes for our Monday RUNs you’ve enjoyed. Hey, we’re print collectors too, we understand the feeling of buying a print with the ability to hang it in our home / office and if for some reason we need to free up space on our walls, they’ll maintain and hopefully increase in value. We buy prints because we love the art, we collect them because we know they have value, and at the end of the day we have a piece of art from an artist we admire.

What does the Flavorpill collaboration mean for you? Well it’s fairly simple we’ll have an additional print release every Friday at Noon EST, we’re also co-curating with the Flavorpill team to expand the access to a different group of artists. All in all, it’s a really exciting time for all of us at 1xRUN, we’ve launched a new v1.2 of the site with updates home page and print pages. We’ve also incorporated a monthly giveaway of a previously sold out 1xRun edition from our collection.

Thanks for your solid support, we appreciate it. We’ll continue to provide the quality curation you’ve come to expect. 1xRUN / 323East Team – Jesse, Dan, Ryan, Rob, Dennis, Shane and April.

Upcoming Flavorpill Fridays Schedule:
Serge Gay Jr. – Hair Dress / March 11th – preview
David Kinsey – Man From Topanga / March 18th – preview
Dabs Myla – Tokyo Deluxe / March 25th – preview
Matt Straub – Ka-Pow / April 1st – preview

Upcoming  1xMonday Schedule:
Dickchicken – babydick / March 7th – preview
Glenn Barr – special silkscreen tba / March 14th
Nathan Jurevicius – Unexpected City / March 21st – preview
David Soukup – Bumblebee Sunrise / March 28th – preview
Nathan Spoor – Migration / April 4th – preview