Zeb Love – Into My Own

At 1xRUN we’re always happy to see our artists do well, so we’ve been overjoyed the past year at the love that Zeb Love has been getting. Last year when we dropped Zeb’s first RUN, his homage to the late Kurt Vonnegut, it sold out almost instantly. With his next literary tributes Zeb chose the good Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and his personal favorite the mind behind the Twilight Zone: Rod Serling.

In addition we’ve been so excited to Zeb gettin’ love from all over, he’ll be showing soon up at G1988 , and he’s been continuing to do his thing with awesome show posters for Portlandia and Jim Gaffigan. The dude has fucking talent.  So if you’ve been lucky enough to grab one of Zeb Love’s prints you can see the amount of time, love, detail and attention that goes into every single print and there’s no explanation we can give here that can do Zeb’s work justice other than holding it in your hands and seeing it hanging on your wall.

For Zeb Love’s 5th RUN he has again given us a literary homage. This time for his latest “Into My Own” Zeb pulls inspiration from a poem by Robert Frost of the same name.  Read on for process photos, along with our 1xRun Thru Interview with Zeb and check out all 3 colorways (including wood!) at 1xRUN.com –  Red Edition of 17Creme Edition of 12Wood Edition of 5.

 1xRUN Thru Interview

Into My Own by Zeb Love

1xRUN: Let’s talk a bit about “Into My Own” how did this print come about?
Zeb Love: I wanted to create a simple image that could tell a short story. My goal was to create something that not only had a nice look to it, but have some deep symbolic meaning.

1xRUN: This RUN marks the 4th writer you have drawn inspiration from here on 1xRUN (HST, Vonnegut, Sterling) why do you think you’re so drawn to these literary minds?
Zeb Love: What I love about reading great literature, is that I soak up ideas subliminally. After I came up with the idea for the print, I remembered that a poem I used to read all the time had some similarities to it. When I re-read Into My Own, the print and poem went together so well.

1xRUN: Describe “Into My Own” in one gut reaction word for us.
Zeb Love: Progression

1xRUN: How did “Into My Own” differ from your past RUNs and your past works?
Zeb Love: This was one of my first time using the way I illustrate outside of portrait work. Usually I like to illustrate people who have had some impact on me, but with this time around..I wanted to make an impact on others with my own idea.

1xRUN: I noticed this time around we’re lucky enough to have an edition of 5 on wood, could you talk about the wood edition? Sort of how that came about and the execution behind it?

Zeb Love: This was my first time printing on wood, and it was a lot of fun to do. I bought some wood panels from the art store, then I scuffed them up on some bricks, stained them, sanded them, printed them, and then sanded them again.

1xRUN: Anything else you’d like to add?

Zeb Love: “Into My Own” is about a journey. Whether you are just starting out, or somewhere in the middle, we are all on our own separate paths in life. It’s easy to get sidetracked and get lost, but it’s important to stay aware and always move forward. Some inspiration for this print came from an old Robert Frost Poem entitled “Into My Own” so  I will also be including a free 3×3″ print of the poem with each order.

Into My Own - Red Edition by Zeb Love - Run #00196a // Mar 26, 2012 - Apr 01, 2012

Into My Own - Creme Edition by Zeb Love - Run #00196a // Mar 26, 2012 - Apr 01, 2012

Into My Own - Wood Edition by Zeb Love - Run #00196a // Mar 26, 2012 - Apr 01, 2012